The new producer MT $ makes his debut with the single “Venus”

The new producer MT $ has introduced himself in home electronic music – he has released the first single “Venus”, which is the first news from the album “Homemade”, which is expected at the end of November.

MT $ has not worked in the field of electronic music so far, but the musician has extensive experience in various guitar ensembles, which makes him feel like a single.

As the musician explains, the new piece is characterized by an airy, floating lo-fi sound and a forward, minimal rhythm section in which the effects of hip-hop can be heard.

The song “Venus” has also had a specially created visualization, the author of which is Paula Pudāne.

“The first hints for such a new musical direction appeared last year, but at that time it seemed that they would not take anywhere further. However, like many of us, a large part of this year had to be spent at home, so I inadvertently continued to develop musical ideas. “

Venus “is special in that when I finished the work on this piece, I realized that I wanted to discuss this musical feeling in more depth and decided to create something more thorough than one single song,” the musician comments.

“Venus” is part of MT $’s debut album “Homemade”, which, as the name suggests, was recorded at the musician’s home. It is planned to be released at the end of November – also in physical format, but whether it will be a CD, a record, a cassette or something else, the musician still keeps it a secret.

You can find out about the news from MT $ on the musician’s Facebook page and Bandcamp page.


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