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The new owner of 10? Bochini gave two options

El Bocha delivered two possible candidates. Do you agree with him?

Without Fernando Gaibor or Martín Benítez, the most important number has become vacant in Independiente. The Ecuadorian would not have a place in the team and the missionary is still on loan at Vasco da Gama. So who should use it?

There are many fans who ask that the 10 be withdrawn, but its own eternal owner is looking for a tenant. Ricardo Bochini expressed: “They always have to give the 10 to a talented and skilled player ”.

Among the options given by the Master, he stated: “I really like Alan Velasco, beyond he is still a boy. He is a gambeteador and he has technique ”. The 18-year-old kid barely gathers a handful of encounters and wears shirt No. 9.

But also, Bocha launched another name: Andrés Roa also has characteristics for that position. Months ago, the Colombian had faith: “The 10 shirt has a lot of history, it represents a lot of responsibility. I always liked that shirt, it will depend on many things, but I would wear it with great pleasure ”. Who would you choose?

I relived the last chapter of Red Hell TV, giving it play here!

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