The New New York at Hudson Yards

In New York, development is ceaseless. Not only are skyscrapers rising from the ground at an astonishing rate, but also new neighborhoods are emerging. With its monumental staircase, museum, glass towers and multiple restaurants and shops, the Hudson Yards district has attracted thousands of visitors since it opened last spring. A new must in the Big Apple.

Posted on October 30, 2019 at 2:00 p.m.

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A new neighborhood

Hudson Yards is neither more nor less than the largest private real estate project in US history: over US $ 20 billion has been invested in it. After decades of speculation and more than seven years of extensive work, the new district was built on a marshalling yard still in operation. It is the epicenter of the major transformation of West Manhattan. The works will be completed in 2025.

Visit the Hudson Yards website:

At the end of the High Line


The inauguration of the High Line in 2009 breathed new life into this long forgotten sector.

The westernmost portion of the Midtown district, bordering the Hudson River, had been undergoing transformation for several years now. The inauguration of the High Line, in 2009, this linear park of 2.3 km built on old elevated railway tracks, gave a second breath to this long forgotten sector. Now, the trendiest attractions can be found in West Manhattan: the Chelsea Market, the Meatpacking District and, in recent months, the Hudson Yards district.

What to do in Hudson Yards


The centerpiece of the district is of course The Vessel, a 15-story interactive structure installed in the center of the public space.

The centerpiece of the district is of course The Vessel, a 15-story interactive structure installed in the center of the public space, both a work of art and an observation tower. You climb to its summit by taking the 154 staircase landings (2,500 steps) which constitute its unique design. Entry is free, but reservations to access it are required. The district hosts another structure with a daring design: The Shed, a space devoted to art where there are two galleries and a performance hall.

Visit the Vessel website:

Visit the Shed website:

New kind of shopping


Hudson Yards is also a great shopping area. A seven-story shopping center overlooks the bay.

Hudson Yards is also a great shopping area. A seven-story shopping center overlooks the bay. There are luxury boutiques, consumer brands and many innovative concepts such as The Conservatory, which combines an open concept boutique and tea room. There is also B8TA, an interactive space where customers are invited to try out various technology products before purchasing them. Finally, between two shopping sessions, you can even take a shower and take a nap at the 3DEN.

A gastronomic offer at the forefront


One of the restaurants in Mercado, the Spanish food fair

The food is extremely good in this area which also offers many interesting places to eat, like the Mercado Little Spain, which could be described as a Spanish version of Eataly. The place, designed by chefs José Andrès, Albert and Ferran Adrià, is a space where you can taste many Iberian specialties at one of the various counters or at the three restaurants of the Mercado. Also, the Milos restaurant inaugurated its very first Milos Wine Bar there, which serves some of the signature dishes of the popular Greek haute cuisine restaurant of Montreal origin in “tapas” versions and offers a wide selection of Greek wines by the glass.

Visit the Mercado Little Spain website:

An innovative hotel offer


One of the common areas of the Crowne Plaza HY36

Because everything is “new” at Hudson Yards, the hotel offer is daring. For example, the very first Equinox Hotel is a luxury establishment that focuses on well-being and performance (normal, considering that Equinox is first and foremost a collection of fitness centers). Ultra-luxurious, the Equinox Hotel offers an outdoor swimming pool, a top-of-the-range spa and rooms with a “well-being” design. The Crowne Plaza HY36 is intended as a pilot project for the hotel brand. Here, so-called “smart” design and the latest technologies come together in a brilliantly designed hotel at a competitive price.

Visit the Equinox Hotel website:

Visit the Crowne Plaza HY36 website:

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