The new multiplayer cooperative game “Lao Chen” is the first to experience the official opening of the dog kingdom team role introduction “Chef Chen Fantasy Cook”

Taiwan’s independent game team Buho Interactive Entertainment‘s new work “Lao Chen(Chef Chen)” will be officially launched on the Steam platform from today (19), and the game’s character story and worldview introduction will be released.

New independent game “Lao Chen》Is a multiplayer cooperative game where players will play the role of the kingLao ChenCulinary monsters in a different world with numerous institutions and enjoy delicious food together with your friends with unique skills. The story describes the protagonist of the game “Lao Chen“Inadvertently entered a different world and ran into a team of four dogs named Beta. The team belongs to the Donatz Kingdom led by the dog king Torif. The kingdom consists of a team of six leaders known as Alpha, and Beta is one of Alpha-Bajir’s team.

Not long after Beta was established, I metLao ChenIn addition to the Alpha Magician Bagir, there are four members in the team, Saint Mary the Swordsman, Basili the Swordsman, and Oregon the Guardian. The following is an introduction to each role.


Mary’s father Saffron, like Bagir, is the Alpha of the Kingdom. When Mary was young, Saffron entrusted her to his best friend Bagir in a border war with monsters, and finally died because of the war. From then on, Bagir regarded Mary as her own. Many years later, Mary became an adult, and was inspired by Bagir, who was with her father and daughter, and joined Beta.

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Basili, and his friend Sithorp were absorbed by the kingdom’s hostile organization Tarte since childhood. He regards becoming the strongest “blade” in the organization as the goal, and receives cruel and strict training. It wasn’t until the final stage of adulthood to test “Gu”, and after learning that only one person could survive and become a blade in the end, he decided to flee with his friend, but he was betrayed and assassinated by his friend and fell off the cliff. However, Bagir, who was annihilating the evil organization, and Fenu, who was also Alpha, accidentally captured Basili. Under torture, Basili was determined not to reveal any words about the evil organization. Bajir secretly discovered that even if Basili was betrayed by his friend, he was still concerned about his friend’s safety.

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After Bajir knew about it, he persuaded Fenu with his life guarantee, so that Basili was exempted from the crime of endangering the security of the kingdom and asked Mary to treat Basili’s serious injuries carefully.ExperienceComfortBasili was passive and grateful for Bagir’s life-saving grace, so he decided to play Beta.


Oregon is extremely capable, but his personality is greedy and sleepy, and he is excluded from his family. Even in such a situation, Oregon faced with the attitude of being calm in gain and indifferent to loss.

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Fortunately, he was applauded by Masta, the only “wolf” in Alpha, and took him to travel around the world. One night, they were attacked by a powerful group of monsters. In order to prevent Oregon from falling into danger, Masta ordered him to stay in place and wait and fight with the monsters on their own. Oregon, with a simple mind, waited for a long time and felt that something was wrong, so he followed the tracks of the monsters to find the Maersta, and finally found the dying Masta in a blood-stained land.

Oregon used a protective shield to protect the Masta. Although it temporarily isolated the monster’s attack on the Masta, it was too weak to fight against the monsters. Seeing more and more monsters converge next to the shield, the offensive was increasing. The stronger. At the very last moment when Oregon was about to be unable to hold it, the Beta led by Bagir finally arrived in time and knocked down the monsters, so that Oregon and Masta finally escaped the danger of their lives.

The rescued Maersta was seriously injured and dying. Knowing that he could no longer bring Oregon by his side, but feeling grateful for Oregon who rescued him regardless of his own safety, he went empty and reluctantly based on Oregon’s disobedience. On the one hand, he broke off the relationship with Oregon, on the other hand, he secretly asked Tobajir to include Oregon for some reason. In the end, everyone rushed back to the kingdom to recuperate, and Oregon became a part of Beta.

New PC 《Lao Chen“Early experience debut today.


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