The new MacBook Air is a bit thicker with its scissor keyboard

If it was still necessary, iFixit the prove today: yes, the brand new keyboard MacBook Air did trade the butterfly for a scissor mechanism. A Magic Keyboard inaugurated with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, and which aims to integrate the future 13 (or 14) inch MacBook Pro, despite what Phil Schiller suggested in last november.

Under the ⌘ key on the MacBook Air.

The new MacBook Air is 0.5mm thicker. This is the price to pay for a scissor keyboard; many users will be happy with this compromise!

By lifting the computer cover, the bricolos (also confined)iFixit noted a larger heat sink for the new 10th generation processor. The cable configuration is done differently between the motherboard and the trackpad. Good news, this will facilitate the replacement of the trackpad and the battery compared to the previous generation.

MacBook Air 2018 vs. MacBook Air 2020.

The computer has a repairability rating of 4/10, thanks to the relatively easy-to-replace components (including the fan, speakers, ports). However, the keyboard is still integrated into the top case, and then the SSD and RAM remain securely soldered to the motherboard.


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