The new Lamborghini Countach has apparently leaked to the public, it looks really great!

Shortly after the release of the first samples, the new Lamborghini Countach appeared in full beauty on Instagram!

Today, the carmaker Lamborghini published its first samples of the new Countach model through its social networks, the unveiling of which should be around the corner. Shortly afterwards, however, the instagram profile of cochespias discovered images that evidently show the new Lamborghini Countach in full beauty.

With the perfection of today’s graphics, of course, there is still a chance that the published images are the work of a capable graphic artist. However, the similarity of the selected details in the leaked and official images gives the impression that one of this year’s biggest comebacks in the automotive industry actually came a little earlier.

Just look at the front bumper, which according to the first official pictures was supposed to have a black lollipop, painted edges and in its upper part there should be a black line with a light inscription Countach – and it fits. The leaked photographs then show stylish headlights, referring to the original Countach. It’s a pity that we probably won’t see the blinkers that the carmaker probably indicated at least in the slits.

A reference to the original Countach can also be a simple front hood, which tapers upwards. When viewed from the side, the characteristic triangular intake opening, which is, however, significantly blown out of a modern car, again attracts attention. Other suction openings, identical in official and leaked photos, are then behind the cabin, where we can see decent ribbing and large pockets.

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Looking at the rear, we can see the cascading glazing above the engine and distinctive taillights on a black background, which in their graphics correspond to the Sián model. Under the lights is a painted body with large exhausts, probably from cooling the brakes. In the middle of the stern is a distinctive inscription Countach with the designation LP800-4, under which there will probably be four tailpipes of the exhaust system.


Although we do not see the diffuser in the photo, we definitely do not doubt its presence. Unfortunately, we also do not know the parameters of the engine, but most likely it will be taken from the Sián model, which would mean a 6.5-liter V12 in combination with a 48V electric motor. The designation LP800-4 should then mean the power of 800 horsepower sent to all four wheels.

We will have to wait for the complete specifications until the official premiere, which according to unofficial information should take place on August 18 during Monterey Car Week. So far, however, it seems that the new Countach has succeeded quite well and has largely taken over the iconic elements of its predecessor.


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