The new horror journey “Evil Track” will be produced on November 3rd and a new trailer will be introduced_Soul_On_Cult

Initial title: The new horror journey “Evil Song” will be launched on November 3 and a new trailer has been launched

The new horror adventure “Evil Music” will be produced on November 3 and a new trailer will be released

Publisher Key Make a difference and developer Brass Token have announced that the new horror adventure “Sin of Evil” will be produced on November 3, landing on PS5, XSX / S and Steam platforms, supporting Chinese. The official also produced a trailer demonstrating the game’s mental melee.

New trailer for “Evil Track”:

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introduction to the sport:

a nightmare of the soul

This is a solitary participant 3rd human being horror motion experience video game set in a soul retreat on a desert island. On a quiet weekend, a enormous chant opened the Dark Realm – a terrifying psychedelic plane whole of unfavorable energies devoted to devouring it – and turned it all into a awful journey. You will interact with recurring people, unravel the intricate history of the island and witness terrifying revelations about the universe. Only you can struggle the creatures, persuade survivors and reverse the ritual by unveiling a legacy of a 1970s cult.

Check out an island filled with cosmic horrors

Interact with other retreat associates as they are little by little consumed by their possess negative energies. Survive an army of prismatic creatures and Darkish Entire world cultists as you unravel the haunting record of the island.

struggle or flee

You should select your struggle and use your soul’s weapons and abilities to survive. Obtain, create and control your sources to survive hand-to-hand combat or succumb to anxiety and escape.

thoughts, overall body and soul

Stability is everything. Improve your spirit to battle terror and worry secure your entire body from physical threats boost your soul to meditate and purchase supernatural talents.

modern psychedelic horror

Encouraged by the psychedelic horrors of the 70s, this recreation will take players to a colourful continent and electro-rock encouraged soundtrack from acclaimed composer Paul Ruskay.

SeeOnline video display screen:


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