The new health card, the whole truth: what changes and what is it for

The Health Card is a document that we all have in our portfolio, it allows access to the services of the National Health System (SSN) and with each purchase it allows us to have a reimbursement on expenses incurred in the medical field.

If the card possessed is equipped with a chip, we have in our hands the “national service card (CNS)” which allows online access to public administration services. Furthermore, it entitles you to receive treatment in the countries of the European Union, but only if the personalization on the back of the card has been made.

what is the health card –

What is the health card and what is it for

The new Health Card is sent directly to your home after the birth of the newborn, so you can have access to basic pediatric care. The first card is valid for one year and, subsequently, when the child is registered with the ASL, a new card is sent which will expire only after six years.

At the time of birth, the child is assigned a tax code, composed as follows:

  • 3 alphabetic characters for the surname
  • 3 alphabetic characters for the name
  • 2 numeric characters for the year of birth
  • 1 alphabetic character for the month of birth
  • 2 numeric characters for the day of birth and gender
  • 4 characters, of which 1 alphabetic and 3 numeric for the Italian municipality or for the foreign country of birth.
  • 1 final character, alphabetic, which has a control function and is automatically generated by the system

The Health Card shows very important data, on the front you can find: the tax code, the personal data and the expiration date, while the back represents the EHIC (European Health Assistance Card), which guarantees medical assistance in the countries of ‘European Union.

Foreign citizens, to receive the Health Card must be registered with the National Health Service, so they must contact the ASL with their identity document, tax code and residence permit.

The Health Card can be used by the doctor to buy a medicine, to book an examination or a specialist visit and to get a refund on the expenses incurred during the year.

advantages of the health card -
advantages of the health card –

What to do if it contains errors, is out of date or lost

In the event that the Health Card contains errors, it is up to the owner to contact the offices of the municipality of residence to request the correction of the data. If you are in possession of SPID, you can make an online request on the “Data correction” service available on the website of the National Resident Population Registry of the Ministry of the Interior.

If, on the other hand, it has expired, you still have access to health services with the presentation of the red prescription or the national electronic one.

In case of loss or deterioration, it is possible to request a new card from the Revenue Agency or the ASL. If the card has been stolen or lost, you will have to report it to the competent authorities.

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