The new Dacia Jogger will be a hit. Celebration of publicity, under 360 thousand rides on LPG

While selling Europe, Dacia models are selling Sandero a Duster (how the ride is done, tte here) in the Czech Republic, after Duster, the most popular are personal versions of Dokker. The Lodgy and Logan MCV models were similarly useful.

A new model named Jogger replaces you all. It promises to be an ordinary family car, combining the length of the station wagon body, the spaciousness of the MPV interior and the attributes of an SUV, at an affordable price for a day.

With 4.55 meters, it is the longest car in the Dacia range, with 2,897 mm delivery, it is the most spacious. Thanks to that, it fits in and seven seats in these rows, all of which are full-fledged even for an adult passenger. The backrests of the seats can also be folded down, or the seats can be folded forward. The two seats of the series can be removed separately, and the manufacturer promises that everyone does not weigh more than ten kilos.

The maximum load capacity reaches 1,819 liters of VDA in the five-way version, if the type of series is lowered! In the seven-seater version, the load capacity is 1,807 liters if the type of set is lowered and the set is removed. This series can be folded to the bench, a type of series that can be folded straight. In this position is the volume of cargo space and 1,594 liters.

Many SUVs are then Jogger with a headroom of 200 mm, but without the possibility of 4×4 drive, which the large number of SUVs does not offer at all. Practical patented cases are modular wall castings, which can be adjusted with only a few turned staples.

In addition to the basic TCe 110 petrol engine with a manual four-speed gearbox and 110 horsepower, there is also an LPG factory drive on offer, which is also connected to a two-liter petrol engine. Thanks to the fact that the LPG tank is 40 liters and the petrol tank is 50 liters, the Jogger will travel like a tank without 1,000 tanks.

In 2023, the first full hybrid under the hood of Dacia will complete the offer. The HYBRID Dacia Jogger technology will be based on a 1.6 L petrol engine complemented by two electric motors (one e-motor and one high-voltage starter-generator) and a multi-mode clutchless gearbox.

And the most interesting is, of course, the price. The cheapest five-digit version of LPG will cost 358,500 crowns, and the seven-digit version will cost 377,500 crowns. The purely petrol variant will then cost 371,000 and 390,000 crowns in stock. The basic equipment includes, for example, central locking, power windows, LED daytime running lights and dipped headlights, DAB radio is switched on the steering wheel, display integrated in the dashboard, two front speakers, Bluetooth or wall connection. Cruise control, day sensor, completely electrically operated windows and mirrors, an eight-inch touch screen or rear parking sensors, you will get a very practical second level of equipment, with which the price will increase by 45 thousand crowns.


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