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The side effect of the new crown pneumonia is that “can’t lift your head” and can’t regain its glory? The Urology Center of Dongyuan General Hospital in Hsinchu County has recently received 4 cases. Doctor Dai Shunqing checked and confirmed that the values ​​were normal. He inferred that it may be related to the epidemic, but it can still be treated. He also pointed out according to international research reports that after infection, the The risk of sexual dysfunction is 20% higher than normal.

Dai Shunqing said that the age of the four cases was between 40s and 60s. They were diagnosed as having no “sexuality” at the time of diagnosis. After 1 or 2 months, they gradually resumed their daily lives, only to realize that they were powerless and unable to have intercourse. The main form of diagnosis was congestion. The time becomes shorter, or the incomplete hyperemia causes the penis to bend, and the hardness is insufficient.

Dai Shunqing pointed out that when men reach the age of 50, they may suffer from insufficient male hormone testosterone, which affects mood, vitality and sexual function. Patients with three highs such as cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure, due to arteriosclerosis and poor blood circulation, the blood vessels in the penis will be blocked first. This in turn affects the performance of sexual function. However, after inspection of the 4 cases, the values ​​were all within the normal range, and there was no problem of low testosterone. It is inferred that it may be related to the epidemic.

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In addition, after being infected with the new crown, erectile function may also be affected due to physical discomfort, tension and anxiety, easy fatigue, depression and poor concentration.

Dai Shunqing said that international research reports pointed out that after some men are infected with new coronary pneumonia, their erectile function and reproductive ability become worse, and the risk of sexual dysfunction is 20% higher than normal people, and the virus can survive in the endothelial cells of the penis for up to 8 months. As for the actual impact of the new coronavirus on the reproductive system, follow-up observation and research are still needed, and there is no conclusion yet.

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