The new character of Free Fire will be a Brazilian soccer player!


Garena has begun to anticipate the new features that we will discover in the next big update of Free FireAs usual, Battlegrounds will have a new character for Survivors to meet and use in their games.

The new character announced today was Luqueta, and it will surely be a favorite of many, since it is a Brazilian football player, which is no stranger to armed confrontations with all kinds of firearms.

In addition, Luqueta will have a fairly important skill, since with each death you make, you will increase your maximum life, so if after knocking down enemies, Luqueta decides to heal, his life will exceed 100 base life points, which will strongly reward aggressive players.

The more deaths you make in the game, the more maximum life you can achieve and thus be stronger and have the advantage in each confrontation.

Luqueta is coming to Free Fire in the next update, as is the AUG, the new assault rifle. However, Garena has not yet confirmed the date for such an update.

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