The new chapter of Lukas Enembe after the revelation of the casino gambling video


Video evidence showing Papua Governor’s gambling activities Luca Enembe at the casino it was revealed. This matter has entered a new chapter.

As is known, this case began to unfold when the Coordination Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs held it in its office, Jakarta, on Monday (19/9/2022). Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud Md along with PPATK and KPK said there were irregularities and irregularities in the bank account Luca Enembe. PPATK found casino transactions in three countries. The transaction reached Rp 560 billion.


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Mahfud said until now there were Rp 71 billion accounts in Lukas Enembe’s name that had been blocked. Mahfud said it was not Rp 1 billion in Lukas Enembe’s account that was blocked.

“Secondly, there is currently a blocked account for Lukas Enembe’s account, as of today, Rp 71 billion has been blocked, so it’s not Rp 1 billion,” he said.

Mahfud explained that there are currently a number of other alleged corruption cases involving Lukas Enembe that are being investigated. Starting from the management of the funds of the National Sports Week (PON) to money laundering.

Lawyer Luke surprised

In this regard, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe’s lawyer Aloysius Renwarin was surprised by the Rp 560 billion on the casino bill that was highlighted. He said that Luke Enembe was a rich man.

“He’s a rich man. He has natural resources, he has gold, do you want to be suspicious?” Aloysius Renwarin told reporters on Monday (19/9).

He claimed that Lukas Enembe’s wealth stemmed from his 20 years of service in Papua. He said Luke Enembe served in the area with most of the gold resources.

“He has been in office for 20 years in his country, where the gold resources are greatest in his district, in his place of birth, in his country. So what else do you want to find fault with?” Luigi said.

KPK offers an interesting offer

The KPK also made an interesting offer to Lukas regarding this case. This was announced by KPK vice president Alexander Marwata during a press conference on Monday (19/9/2022). Alex offered to stop the Luke case as long as Lukas could prove where the hundreds of billions of rupees that PPATK found in the transaction came from.

“KPK, under this new law, can stop the investigation and issue SP3 if later in the investigation process Pak Lukas can prove where tens, hundreds of billions of money come from,” said Alexander Marwata.

“For example, Mr. Lukas has a gold mining business, yes, we will definitely stop it later, but please clarify it, fulfill the invitation of the KPK, the summons of the KPK to be examined,” he added.

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