The new building of Dzirciems pharmacy has been nominated for the Latvian Architecture of the Year Award

On October 8, the Selection Jury of the Latvian Architecture of the Year Award announced works – buildings and processes – that will continue the fight for the highest award in Latvian architecture. Out of 50 applications for the Latvian Architecture Annual Award, 9 nominees nominated by the jury will compete, including, for the first time – a building built especially for the pharmacy – the new house of Dzirciems pharmacy in Riga.

In the next stage, the evaluation of the works is handed over to the Final Jury, which will select the winners of the main prizes.

This year, 50 applications were received for the Latvian Architecture of the Year Award, among which are private houses built with special attention, as well as objects of public importance, as well as events related to architecture.

The competition selection jury has nominated 9 nominees for further evaluation of the works. In the category “Landscape architecture, environmental improvement, environmental objects” is highlighted Transformation of Melluži concert garden, in category “Restoration” – Hanzas Peronsreconstruction of the warehouse into entertainment events for buildings, in the category “Individual residential buildings” – K_99, but in the category ‘Commercial and industrial buildings’ Dzirciema Pharmacy. In the category “Interior” is nominated for further competition for the main prizes Hagberg office, in the category “Processes” – GO[A]T WASTE?, but in the category “Apartment buildings” – Apartment building complex Koka in Riga, Reconstruction of buildings in Miesnieku Street, as well as Viesturdārza Quarter.

It is possible to get acquainted with all the submitted works and nominees in the home area of ​​the Latvian Union of Architects

All works submitted to the Latvian Architecture Award will be judged according to the same and equally important criteria: idea and concept, project unity or whether the work can be considered as a whole, compliance with the project task, context and scale, diligence and thoroughness, as well as social significance and emotional impact.

The solemn ceremony of presenting the Latvian Architecture of the Year Award will take place on October 30. The Latvian Architecture of the Year Award is organized by the Latvian Union of Architects.

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