The new BMW price list brings with it increases and novelties

BMW Motorrad has released the new price list. The prices of some motorcycles rise: F 750 GS, F 850 GS, F 850 GS Adventure e G 310 GS now they cost more. In all cases it is a matter of a few hundred euros more. The slight increase in prices is justified, however, by the arrival of the new 2021 versions, which come with a richer standard equipment.

With the new price list, the new one also enters the range R 18 and the M 1000 RR. To bring home the muscular old style naked from Monaco you have to write a check for 22,990 euros, for the exclusive super sports car the figure rises to 33,800 euros. The new 2021 models of:

Here is how much the prices of models already in the range increase:

  • F 750 GS: + 100 euro
  • F 850 GS: + 300 euro
  • F 850 GS Adventure: + 300 euro
  • G 310 GS: + 200 euro

The prices of the scooters and other models that you do not see in the list above remain unchanged. For the prices of all the models in the range we refer you to the complete price list (which you can find by clicking on the file below), where you will also find the price of the options; we remind you that the prices in this article and those in the price list are to be considered “turnkey”, inclusive of “putting on the road” (except for the HP4 Race, not homologated for the road) and, as per BMW tradition, the first service.



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