The new Audi Q5 e-tron is here. However, it has nothing to do with the famous SUV

The Audi Q5 e-tron is an electrically powered SUV with a length of 4.88 meters and a wheelbase of 2.97 m. Compared to the well-known Q5, it is significantly larger.

Audi is further expanding its range of electrically powered e-tron family models. Its latest representative is the Q5 e-tron, which is now officially unveiled in China at the Canton Motor Show. It has previously been revealed that they have little in common with the well-known Audi Q5.

And it’s not just the powertrain under the hood, the new Q5 e-tron is shaped completely differently. The design follows on from spring concept presented at shanghai car show, simply called shanghai concept. In the end, the serial version is not called the Q6 e-tron, as previously speculated, but the Q5 e-tron.

The bow is dominated by a blinded single frame mask, which is complemented by split headlights – a horizontally oriented, distinctive upper part is complemented by a lower part, more masked and vertically oriented.

The overall silhouette then resembles an overgrown station wagon, perhaps a bit like the first generation of a large Q7 SUV. This is due to the fact that the Q5 e-tron is a lot bigger than the Q5. It measures 4.88 meters in length and its wheelbase is 2.97 meters. The Q5 offered by us is 4.66 meters long and has a wheelbase of 2.82 meters.

Dimensionally, the Audi Q5 e-tron corresponds to the previously unveiled Volkswagen ID.6, designed for the Chinese market. Even in this case, the basis should be the MEB platform reserved for battery electric vehicles, while the Q5 platform should be based on the MLB evo platform, originally intended for vehicles with internal combustion engines.

The offer should include versions of 35 e-tron, 40 e-tron and 50 e-tron quattro. The first uses a rear electric motor with a power of 132 kW, the second provides a power of 152 kW, while the third is a quad bike with a pair of electric motors with a combined power of 223 kW.

The Audi Q5 e-tron will officially go on sale during 2022. It appears to be a project dedicated to the Chinese market, similar to the sibling Volkswagen ID.6. However, four circles expect to expand the offer of the e-tron family in Europe as well, there is talk of a new one sedan A6 e-tron nebo SUV Q6 e-tron.



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