The new «Arena» for Vasco? It will be a large lawn in San Vincenzo, it will cost two million – Culture and Entertainment

TRENTO. The reference is him, the head of civil protection, Raffaele De Col. To him, who knows the San Vincenzo area well having managed the various passages (partial use as a landfill of the aggregates of the Moena tunnel, hypothesis military citadel, construction of the drive through vaccinal) responsibility for the logistics of Vasco Rossi’s mega concert.

Engineer De Col, how are you moving towards the organization of the great event of 20 May 2022?

«We are working with the technicians of Vasco Rossi’s staff to define how to set up the area. When we have the project ready, we will present it publicly ».

What is the hypothesis you are working on?

“There will simply be an arrangement of the area, to host the event, as was done for the Modena concert”.

The entire area of ​​San Vincenzo measures 27 hectares. How Much Will You Need?

«The Province, after the closure of the disputes with some private individuals, owns 26 hectares. For the concert we will take care of at least 20: for the spectators, for the stage, for the back stage, for the protection system, because adequate escape routes will be prepared ».

How will the concert area be accessed?

“Only on foot, or by shuttle bus.”

And the parking lots?

«They will be located in areas outside the city, as done for the gathering of the Alpine troops. We will also use the area of ​​the new hospital in via al Desert, given that work has not yet started at the date of the concert. Parking is not a problem ».

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Where will the stage be located?

«We are discussing this with Rossi’s technical staff, who are doing the necessary sound checks. Afterwards, it will be decided whether to put it downstream of the Dorigoni or in the center of the area ».

No asphalt?

«No, it will be a lawn, an equipped green area …».

There is a “step” from the drive through area …

«Yes, of 70-80 centimeters. But it will be more or less connected with the rest of the area ».

Are the services already there for the drive through?

“There are nodes, but the area needs to be infrastructured. And the provisional toilets of the civil protection will have to be placed, as done with the Alpine troops, for the duration of the concert ».

One hundred and twenty thousand people concentrated in a few hours …

«Yes, it is a different situation compared to the 300,000 of the Alpine gathering, spread over three days and diluted times. But keep in mind that many spectators will arrive three days earlier … ».

But 120,000 means doubling the number of the inhabitants of Trento.

“I’m not saying it’s not a problem. But it’s about planning. We will also speak with the Municipality. There will be a control room. Nothing is improvised. If Modena did it with 250,000 people, why couldn’t Trento welcome 120,000? ».

Let’s talk about money: how much will it cost to set up the area? You have already spent € 800,000 for the vaccination drive through.

«Attention, to set up the drive-through area we actually spent 300,000, including asphalting. The rest are for the materials used for events such as the Vasco Rossi concert ».

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What materials?

«Tents, toilets, prefabricated buildings supplied to the Civil Defense».

So what will the costs be?

“To fix the 14 hectares, besides the drive through, they estimate 2 million euros are needed. Obviously, then, the arena can be used for other minor concerts ».

Is there compatibility with the PRG?

“Yes, because it will be a green area with low visual impact structures.”


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