The New Apostolic Church allows women to be ordained from 2023 –

The international New Apostolic Church wants to open spiritual ministries to women. The reform affects all levels of the office: deacon, priest and apostle, says the seat of the Church in Zurich on its website.

The new regulation will come into force on January 1, 2023. The reason for the move is “equality and equality of the sexes”.

“Carrying out women’s assignments”

In view of global cultural differences, the following applies: “The associated official mandate is conferred wherever it is accepted by society and the community.” It is not about “immediately installing women everywhere”.

So far only traditionalist men

God’s will is decisive – “not human”. Therefore, a quota system is prohibited. Traditionally, the New Apostolic Church has only appointed men.

According to the church leadership, however, there was no “doctrinal justification” for this: “Neither the words nor the actions of Jesus gave a clear reason.” For this reason, after years of deliberations, it was decided to make the ordination of women possible.

About nine million believers in the world

According to the New Apostolic Church, about nine million believers around the world belong to it. It consists of legally independent district churches under the common roof of a uniform doctrine and international leadership bodies. According to information, about 315,000 Christians in Germany profess the New Apostolic faith. Most of the members (86%) live in Africa. One of the central convictions of the community is the expectation of the return of Jesus Christ.

Represented at the Catholic Day

In Germany, the New Apostolic Church has been a guest member of the Working Group of Christian Churches (ACK) since 2019. In May, at the Catholic Day in Stuttgart, a representative of the Church attended the ecumenical function for the first time. She too was represented for the first time with a booth on the mile of the Catholic Day church. (Kna)

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