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There is no doubt that the next big release, the keynote The most important thing that Apple will celebrate in the future will be the one held next September, when the new iPhone 13s are presented, in the second week of that month, if there are no new delays due to the pandemic this year. Some kind of announcement is also expected for the WWDC of the month of June, the developer conference, but we did not expect that next week we would have any new launch by Apple, not at all. And that is precisely what has been leaked now.

New generation of AirPods

The most famous headphones on the market are waiting for their third generation, and so it has revealed now the youtuber Luke Miani, the presentation of these would be next Tuesday, May 18. Specifically points to Apple will unveil the new AirPods and the service of hifi music from apple music. Something that seems to make sense if we have in common that both devices belong to the sound ecosystem of the Californian firm. No major changes are expected from the new AirPods, perhaps that is why it makes sense that they are released through a press release than celebrating a whole keynote.

The AirPods Max have been the last to be presented Apple

The latest generation of AirPods was introduced back in 2019, so there has been plenty of time to be able to offer important news. That they have not been filtered does not mean that there are, but in any case it is best not to get too illusions about the functionalities that this new model can offer us. The normal thing is that they offer more autonomy, and at most some property to be able to monitor physical activity, but we understand that little else. In the case of Apple Music we can expect the same as offered by its rivals in the market, such as TIDAL, Deezer, Amazon Music or Qobuz. But without a doubt its great novelty and differentiating element could be in the price.

Because rumors have long pointed to this new service It will have the same price as the current one, which would be between 50% and 30% less of cost than the usual subscription of many of its competitors. Hi-Fi music requires specific hardware to be appreciated. So the launch of a compatible device would not be ruled out, who knows if specific AirPods or an iPod with an integrated DAC, such as Sony’s Walkman.



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