The network did not appreciate the new concept UAZ “Loafs”

Despite the updates, the Russian SUV retains its familiar appearance.

The all-wheel drive passenger and utility vehicle UAZ-452 entered mass production in 1965. During this time, engineers upgraded the technical part of the “Loaf”, but the appearance and equipment did not undergo significant changes. And with the joint efforts of the Italian company Moltomeno and the Ulyanovsk people, a decision was reached on the release of special equipment that turns the 7-seater UAZ into Kemper.

The main criteria in the development of equipment was compactness and “quick release”. So, a project called “Matryoshka” presents a set of elements that are stacked into each other. The equipment is installed in place of the removable rear row of seats. Thus, UAZ “Bukhanka” turns into a functional car for traveling, in the cabin of which both passengers and the necessary equipment are located.

Of the additional equipment for an SUV, a compact refrigerator, a two-burner gas stove, a sink with a removable tap and water supply from two 12-liter tanks are offered. In addition, UAZ “Loaf” received boxes for small appliances top shelf, which is transformed into a portable table.

As for the passenger seat, in addition to the two seats, the car received a folding bed, which turns into seats and a table as a side seat in a reserved seat car. As for the price, the standard UAZ “Loaf” will cost the buyer 730 thousand rubles, and with full equipment its price reaches 1.5 million rubles.

On the net, such a concept of a new car was not appreciated: “The idea is good, but not for the price”, “Loaf” it’s time to change the body, not the equipment. ”


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