The Netherlands uses breast milk from 7,500 women as a weapon against corona | Medical | Science & Planet

ANP Bottles with breast milk in the breast milk bank of the VUmc. The breast milk of women who have had a Covid-19 infection contains antibodies against the coronavirus.

The breast milk of at least 7,500 women who have had corona will be collected from next week by the Amsterdam University Hospital to be used as a means of protection against Covid-19 in residential care centers, among others.

This is reported by Hans van Goudoever, head of the Emma Children’s Hospital, part of Amsterdam UMC. from research hospital and other institutes show that breast milk from infected women contains antibodies against the corona virus. Moreover, it appears that even after heating the milk (pasteurisation) the antibodies are still present. This is important to know because breast milk cannot be used by other people until after pasteurization.

“The antibodies appear to be in breast milk even longer than we thought, even up to six months after infection. That is very good news, ”says Van Goudoever. The intention is for the milk to be used as a preventive treatment method for corona, for example in the form of ice creams with added flavor.


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