The Netherlands shocked by the crowds at Schiphol: “One blow in …

Various Dutch politicians demand an explanation from the operator of Schiphol airport. On Friday, images became known of a large crowd at the passport control of the transfer passengers. People were too close to each other. Few wore a mouth mask.

“It is still understandable that Schiphol was unable to control it in the spring,” said D66 MP Jan Paternotte. “The fact that the corona rules now – with increasing infections – are being ignored, is a slap in the face for all of us.”

Schiphol management states that the crowds were caused by multiple aircraft arriving at the same time with many transfer passengers, which is very unusual now that there is much less flight. “Keeping a distance of a meter and a half usually works well at Schiphol, but at such times it is a challenge,” the airport said. “That is why it is important, just like in public transport, for travelers to wear a mouth mask. Following up on the measures is a joint responsibility of us and travelers, ”he said. According to Schiphol, the airport has permission from the government to deviate from one and a half meters away if there are too many people.


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