The Netherlands is introducing a flight tax of 7.45 euros per ticket

Passengers departing by plane from a Dutch airport will pay a tax on their ticket of an expected amount of 7.45 euros from 1 January. The Dutch government has decided to introduce the flight tax after the turn of the year.

The air passenger tax is part of the plans to green the taxes. ‘International flights, unlike cars, buses or trains, are currently not taxed, but at the same time they contribute to (global) emissions,’ says the Dutch government.

Previously, there was a tax of 7 euros per flight ticket. But there will be no planned tax on cargo flights, because according to research, cargo companies would divert abroad as a result, with major consequences for Schiphol airport, for example. In order to achieve a yield of 200 million euros, the tax for passengers will be increased.

The rate – currently estimated at 7.45 euros per ticket – will be set definitively in December on the basis of inflation. The tax will not apply to transfer passengers.

The Dutch government continues to argue for a European approach. The first plans for this are not expected until the beginning of next year. In many European countries, such as Germany and France, some form of air passenger tax already exists, but not yet in Belgium, for example.


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