The Netherlands is at a complete standstill, reports GeenStijl

And not only in The Hague.

The Netherlands is standing still. We are completely stuck and barely moving forward. A description applies to the cabinet, but this time it concerns our asphalt jungle. It was nice to tear through there for a while due to relative corona rest, but now the traffic jams are back and more massive than ever. You were all together in this first quarter ten percent more often staring at the taillights of your predecessor as your engine senselessly guzzled fuel to send you crawling along the tarmac at a sad snail’s pace. “That is really spicy and nothing indicates that it will become less busy. Even during the day it is sometimes already connecting in line“, according to the ANWB. Earlier we read that most road construction projects have been put on hold due to nitrogen policy, so that a deliverance from the commuter polonaise does not seem to be in sight for the time being and we end up in a vicious circle. We emit more nitrogen in traffic jams, as a result of which we build less, which causes more traffic jams, which means that we can build less. A circle that only the rule makers in The Hague can pull us out of, but unfortunately the coalition is the only thing that has run aground even harder than our roads. This cabinet can not save itself, let alone mean anything for the citizens.For the time being, the Netherlands is simply at a standstill.

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