The neighbor is encouraged to be accused of violating accounting rules – in Latvia – News

Not to mention the person’s name, KNAB confirmed that prosecution had been initiated for the criminal offense provided for in Section 217, Paragraph three of the Criminal Law – violation of accounting and statistical information rules for greedy purposes, which caused significant damage to state power or administrative procedures or legally protected personal interests.

KNAB draws attention to the fact that the Prosecutor General’s Office is the further leader of the process, therefore KNAB is not entitled to disclose more information about the specific criminal case.

Now the prosecutor’s office will soon have to decide whether to prosecute. If the Prosecutor’s Office sees grounds for calling a Neighbor a criminal, then in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Saeima, the Saeima will have to decide whether to agree to prosecute the deputy. In case of extradition, the Neighbor would not lose the right to participate in the work of the Saeima.

The law allows the prosecutor’s office to agree with the accused on the sentence, to take a decision on the termination of the criminal case, or to return the case to the law enforcement agency with instructions on the need for additional investigation.

It has already been reported that at the end of January this year, the KNAB had already decided to apply the status of a suspect to a Neighbor after a section of the Criminal Law on violation of accounting rules. This was done because additional evidence was obtained during the investigation and the factual circumstances of the crime changed.

At the same time, the bureau decided to terminate the criminal proceedings due to the lack of a criminal offense in the part against Neighbor about accepting large amounts of illegal funding of a political organization and about indicating false information in the declaration.

On February 3, the KNAB investigator made a decision to transfer the criminal case to the prosecutor for criminal prosecution for falsifying accounting documents for greedy purposes.

However, the prosecutor made a decision to annul the KNAB decision and return the criminal case to the KNAB for further investigation. KNAB had appealed against the prosecutor’s decision to a higher prosecutor, but the complaint was rejected.

In June 2018, the KNAB initially detained Kaimiņš, a member of the Saeima, Zakatistova, a member of the board of KPV LV, and Viesturs Tamuža, a businessman, in a criminal proceeding concerning possible illegal financing of the party KPV LV. The trio was later released.

Later, the case was divided because the KNAB requested to initiate criminal proceedings against Zakatistova and Tamuža. The Zakatistova and Tamuža case is currently pending before the court of first instance.

Prosecutor of the Division of Investigation of Particular Cases Māris Urbāns has transferred to the court a criminal case accusing both of them of 6,620 scams and an attempt to scam 2,420 euros from the waste management company SIA “Eco Baltia grupa”.

According to the indictment, in 2016, Zakatistovs agreed with Tamuža, the chairman of the council of the environmental management company JSC “Eco Baltia”, on the fraud of funds from “Eco Baltia” subsidiary SIA “Eco Baltia grupa” in order to finance Zakatistov as a party politician.

Tamužs informed the management of “Eco Baltia group” about the need to receive consultations provided by Zakatistov, knowing in advance that in fact consultations will not be provided, according to the prosecutor’s office.


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