The Negative Effects of Eye Strain on Your Vision and How to Treat It

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Thursday 01 June 2023

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Some believe that poor eyesight is a possible complication, if a person tolerates eye strain and leaves it without treatment, is this true?

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In this regard, Dr. Jamal al-Mashad, a professor of ophthalmology at Zaqaiq University, said that eye strain is usually caused by staring for a long time at electronic panels, such as computers and mobile phones.

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Al-Mashad added that the cause of eye strain when using mobile phones and computers for continuous hours is due to the blue light emitted from screens.

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The professor of ophthalmology confirmed that eye strain has negative effects on the sense of vision, as it leads to blurry or blurred vision, in addition to suffering from the following symptoms:

Eye pain.

Eye redness.


– Dark circles under the eye.

eye swelling

He pointed to the possibility of vision problems resulting from eye strain developing into poor vision, and then increasing the need to wear medical glasses, if the patient did not treat this problem quickly.

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Al-Mashad revealed that a patient with eye strain becomes more likely to suffer from poor eyesight, if he suffers mainly from a deficiency in the sense of vision.

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He explained that the only way to treat is to avoid the computer and the mobile phone, while applying cold compresses on the eye to alleviate the severity of symptoms, and to get enough sleep.

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He concluded his speech by recommending computer workers to move away from the screen every 20 minutes, to relax the eyes, reduce pressure on them, protect them from stress, and avoid visual impairment.

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