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Status: 12/22/2022 3:07 p.m

This is what it looks like – the NDR 2 app for Android and iOS.

NDR 2 always with you: no problem with the NDR 2 app for iOS and Android. Free download in store!

With the NDR 2 app you are even closer to our program and our moderators! The best current hits in the live stream, via Messenger as a voice message or text directly to the studio, the current NDR 2 news, great competitions, traffic service and more! Super convenient: Register once – and with a tap of your finger you can take part in our competitions.

Traffic jam button and real-time display of the traffic flow on the north German roads: these functions of the NDR 2 app expand the service for road users. The much-used map view has also been further improved with the current update for the NDR 2 app.

Traffic service with real-time display

A smartphone with the NDR 2 app © NDR Photo: Andreas Schulz-Caspári

Above the list view of the traffic reports for the entire north, there is a traffic jam button in the NDR 2 app.

This function is unique in the ARD radio apps: The “I’m stuck in traffic” button. Once pressed – and only if the car is stationary, please – the position of the app is sent directly to the editorial system of the NDR Verkehrsstudio within seconds. The employees can immediately start further research based on the data from the ADAC, TomTom and the police and take over the report after the check.

In addition, users can choose between map and list view with filter options for motorways, federal roads and federal states. The traffic flow is now displayed in real time on the map, slow traffic in orange, traffic jams in red.

The NDR 2 app in the store

The image shows a download icon for an app store.
The image shows a download icon for an app store.

To ask? No problem! There are answers to your questions on our help page – and if that doesn’t help either, please send us an email [email protected]. Have fun with our NDR 2 app!

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