The NBA, without mercy against the coronavirus

Less than 20 days before the start of a new season of the NBA, the most important basketball category in the world wants to avoid a new suspension due to the pandemic of coronavirus, which in 2019/2020 forced the end of the championship in the successful bubble that took place in Orlando. Thus, to prevent outbreaks that put the continuity of competition at risk, issued a serious warning to the teams to respect the established protocols. Failure to comply with them may result in significant penalties.

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Through a statement that was sent to the 30 franchises, it is indicated that, players who violate security protocols this season could be punished with reduced salary. As specified in the text, “it may be subject to a proportional adjustment to pay for matches that are lost during the period in which it is in quarantine.”

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In addition, in the 158-page statement they explain that the league can “Perform unannounced in-person inspections of each franchise facility”, with the intention of controlling whether the security protocols established in this context are being followed.

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For the teams the threat was even more forceful. In the case of a protocol violation that generates an outbreak within the campuses, the franchises could be punished with “fines, suspensions, adjustments or loss of elections of the university lottery and losses of parties”.

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Despite strict restrictions and protocols that must be followed in each game and on travel, the NBA allows players and staff to leave hotels for dinner, but with a few conditions: alfresco dining, in totally secluded rooms at NBA-approved restaurants or restaurants.


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