The NBA management has announced the date of the 2020 draft – Basketball

The Timberwolves of Minnesota will be the first choice in this year’s NBA draft.

Previously, the NBA draft was scheduled for June 25, but adjustments were made by the Covid-19 pandemic. The draft ceremony is currently scheduled for November 18, but the NBA does not rule out the possibility that this date may be postponed if necessary.

The NBA reports that the draft has been postponed to give clubs a chance to better evaluate the new players, including last year’s Spanish champion Artūrs Kurucs.

Kurucam has the opportunity to withdraw his participation from the draft, so that he can apply for a place in an NBA team next year as well. Artūrs Žagars has decided to take such a step for the second year in a row, who will be able to apply for the draft in the next two years as well.

With the second number, a young basketball player will be able to choose the Golden State “Warriors”, who had an unsuccessful 2019/2020 season, so they could qualify for a high selection in the draft. Charlotte’s “Hornets” will be named as their third player of the future.

The lottery will be determined by the Chicago Bulls, followed by the Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons, Knicks, David Wertards, Phoenix Wizards, Phoenix Dog, San Antonio Spurs. , Sacramento Kings, New Orleans Pelicans and Boston Celtics.

Kristaps Porziņš, represented by Dallas “Mavericks”, will have the 18th choice in the first round, but then Brooklyn’s “Nets”, where Rodion Kurucs plays, will choose his player.

If last year’s undoubted favorite for the first number was Zaion Williamson, then this time several candidates are mentioned who could end up at the disposal of “Timberwolves”. Among them are Australia’s season-long defender Lamelo Bol, who started his professional career at the Lithuanian club “Prienai”, as well as Georgia University defender Anthony Edwards and Memphis University Center player James Vaizman.


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