The National Police Chief Apologizes about the Rumor about the Issuance of TR on the Prohibition of Media

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Police chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo apologize for the commotion that arose after the issuance of the telegram letter regarding public relations activities at the Bhayangkara Corps.

It is known that one of the points in the telegram letter contained the phrase ‘prohibition of the media’ from displaying violence or arrogance by officials while on duty.

“Once again, apologize for the misinterpretation that inconveniences media friends, once again we always need corrections from media and external friends to improve the National Police institution so that it can be better,” Listyo Sigit told reporters through a written statement, Tuesday (6/4).

According to him, the telegram was originally carried out to prevent the ranks of the police under him from being arrogant. So, he said, they carry out their duties in accordance with the applicable standard operating procedures (SOP).

Initially, the former Kabareskrim admitted that he wanted to warn members to be able to act decisively while still prioritizing the humanist side in enforcing the law in society.

“My directive wants the Police to appear firm but humanist, but we see that in the media there are still many arrogant displays of members, because please help members to be more careful in their attitude in the field,” said the man who is also known as a former adjutant of the Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

This, he said, could not be separated from the behavior of the members which the public always stares at.

Therefore, he said, the actions of one police officer could damage the image of the Bhayangkara Corps as a whole. Therefore, the telegram all wanted to improve the work of the police.

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“Because of that I ask to make directions so that members are more careful when appearing on the field, do not like to show off their excessive actions and even look arrogant, members still often appear arrogant in broadcast coverage in the media,” said Listyo.

In fact, the issuance of the telegram caused differences in interpretation among the public. He emphasized that the telegram did not contain media restrictions on covering police arrogance in the field.

However, according to Sigit, the true spirit of the telegram is the personal of the police personnel themselves who should not act arrogantly.

“So on this occasion I will straighten out the members I ask to improve themselves not to appear arrogant but to improve themselves so that they appear firm, but still look humanist,” he said.

Therefore, he immediately requested that the telegram be corrected. The reason is, he said, the Police still need criticism from all elements of society

“Therefore, I have ordered the Head of Public Relations to revoke the STR,” said Sigit.

For information, the telegram was withdrawn not until 24 hours had passed after it was published. For the first time, the National Police Chief, through the Head of the Police Public Relations Division, Inspector General Argo Yuwono, signed a telegram numbered ST / 750 / IV / HUM.3.4.5. / 2021 on Monday (5/4).

The next day, the telegram was spread and became a public discussion. This criticism then gave birth to a new telegram, whose content was to revoke the previous telegram.

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