The national interest market in Grenoble has reduced its waste

“We reduced the amount of waste by 27% between 2020 (504 tonnes) and 2021 (370 tonnes)testifies Jean-Luc Duperret, director of the market of national interest of Grenoble (Min). Today, 60% of waste is sorted. Out of 100 kg of waste produced, 37% is non-hazardous industrial waste (DIB), the rest is sorted. Wholesalers have greatly improved. »

Partnership with Episol

Among the many streams of waste produced by the Min (wood from crates or pallets, plastic packaging, cardboard, etc.) and collected by Veolia Propreté, bio-waste represents a significant proportion. Since the end of 2021, an organization has been set up with the Grenoble association Episol (solidarity grocery store located in the Hood district):

“It recovers foodstuffs that are no longer salable as they are because they would require sorting that wholesalers cannot afford to do.explains the director of the Min. The wholesalers donate these products to the association on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The association comes to sort the fruits and vegetables transmitted and redistributes to several associations.»

25,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables are listed on the Min. 60 tons are not marketable as first choice. “Of the 60 tons, 40 are donated to the association, of which 20 tons are kept by the grocery store. The rest goes into compost.

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