The National Coordination of Nurses of the FSI-USAE condemns the strike called by Nursing Up and Nursind. –

National Nursing Coordination (CNI): “The demonstrations in Rome on October 15 are smoke and mirrors for nurses, they are timeless and contractually useless. Instrumental to those who organized them “.

There are several solicitations with articles and leaflets from some provincial orders that invite nurses to participate in the events to be held in Rome on October 15th. We turned the question over to National Nursing Coordination of the Fsi-Usae: the National Coordinators replied Beatrice Mura e Giusy Pace.

“No. We won’t be there – he declares Beatrice Mura – no one asked us to be there, no one invited us to participate as an organization so obviously we and our associated nurses are not welcome; therefore, even if they copied some of our historical claims, why should we go, today, to reinforce the ranks of other organizations with timeless and contractually useless demonstrations. We are clear that the economic question today affects us, but we are also aware that the problems do not end there. With the pandemic underway, contract renewals are not upon us but, instead, the reorganization of the NHS is, and this is an opportunity that must be collected and cultivated to break through that glass ceiling that exists today in healthcare ”.

He echoes her Giusy Pace: “No. Not we won’t be there. The unions that organized them have different objectives than they declare. They throw smoke in the eyes of the nurses with some of our good (historical) claims but they don’t know how to get them home and so they throw the demonstrations there. Two. Different. Separate “- who also adds:” The fact that there is great dissatisfaction among nurses is a well-known fact that the Fsi-Usae has been denouncing for countless time. We were the only ones to mobilize with a great campaign against burnout which is a real problem for nurses. But we have to understand the moment we live in. Recently, our Secretary General wrote to the President of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of Health and the President of the Conference of Regions to ask that the reclassification be financed with the “Recovery Fund” intended for health, and salaries can be increased immediately, immediately. (and lay the foundations for having the best national health service in the world) and, as we have always said, our point of arrival is a rule that allows direct passage to management. But today we have opened, and at work, the contractual commission for the review for qualifications; all the parties are at the table. What better occasion to sign a supplement that solves all these problems? ” – concludes Pace.

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