The national, border and railway police in control operation at Chartres station

A large police force was deployed at Chartres station this Friday, September 25, throughout the afternoon. About thirty police officers patrolled the area around the station, but also on the platforms and on the trains.

“This is a targeted coordinated operation (OCC) associating the border police, the railway police and the national police”, summarizes the departmental director of public security, the general commissioner Mathieu Bernier.

The Paris-Le Mans line monitored

The staff of the police station consisted in particular of the plainclothes anti-crime brigade, the canine brigade and the security and proximity group.

The police units, for which it was the first joint operation of the year 2020, had the task of controlling the tickets of travelers on the Paris-Le Mans line, the respect of the wearing of the mask at the station and in the trains and to check if people were not in an irregular situation on French territory.

Four tickets were issued in particular for non-compliance with wearing a mask. Even fined, a young person still refused to put on the mask on the station platform.

They were selling heroin and cocaine

Thierry delaunay


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