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Former diplomat Esteban Grillón commented that the engineers reached that conclusion. He also mentioned that it is also handled that supposedly a truck collided with one of the pillars of the building and caused the collapse. Photo: AFP.

June 25, 2021 5:56 PM

The former Paraguayan consul in Miami Esteban Grillón commented that, according to the data handled by the experts, the collapse of the Champlain Towers building was due to negligence. “The reason could be that a pick-up truck hit one of the pillars; that left the rods of the pillar in the air, then it began to corrode, “he said in conversation with Radio Uno.

In that sense, he assured that after this tragedy it will be a before and after, and that the rules for the rectification of buildings will perhaps be with a shorter term, since they are currently given after 40 years.

“The engineers came to the conclusion that it was negligence. They say that in time they will find the real cause, considering that the building was built well and never had any problems. It seems that it was not properly cared for (the building) because the rectification takes 40 years ”, said the former consul.

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Likewise, he pointed out that they are cautious in providing information, such as the name of the construction company. “They take good care of themselves and do not give information that could harm the (construction) company. In other words, they built, when there is no evidence to indicate that they (the construction company) had a failure ”, he explained.

The former diplomat also mentioned that there is concern that it will fall before demolishing the only block of the building that was left standing. It is expected to know the exact cause of the collapse, keeping all the details about the causes and the progress made in the rescues.

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The deputy mentioned that everything is about an armed act to confuse the public, despite having been filmed at the time of the attack. Photo: Screenshot.

The official deputy Esteban Samaniego justified the violent acts carried out by him and a group of adherents in the city of Quyquyhó, department of Paraguarí, where he beat a candidate and attacked a current councilor.

The fact was denounced by the candidate to the Municipal Board of Quyquyhó, Marcial Valdez, who reported that he received a blow from the parliamentarian in the middle of the police station, where they were making another complaint for aggression against councilman Gerardo Correa, also by the deputy of the Colorado bench Añetete.

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“That was the movie that the media put together and unfortunately mediated,” said the legislator in an interview at 1020 AM on Monday morning. However, Valdez managed to capture the moment where the parliamentarian hit him in a short video, which, according to the candidate, he will present to file a lawsuit against Samaniego.

The deputy also mentioned that it is all about an armed act to confuse the public, since at this time there is a heated dispute prior to the internal party elections with a view to the municipal ones. “This was done to try to confuse people, to mediate, because they no longer have resources because they know they are going to lose. I will not fall for their provocations. He is a man who challenges from all sides, but from the front he trembles like a leaf, ”said Samaniego.

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Esteban Samaniego again starred in an act of aggression, this time he hit the candidate for the Quyquyhó municipality council. Photo: Courtesy.

The deputy Esteban Samaniego, from Colorado Añetete, again starred in an act of aggression, this time he hit the candidate for the municipality of Quyquyhó (Paraguarí) Marcial Valdez, who denounced the fact through social networks. The incident would have occurred on the night of this Saturday.

Valdez, a pre-candidate for councilor for the Hechos No Palabras movement, said that he accompanied another councilor to file a complaint against the deputy at the city police station for a previous event also carried out by the official deputy, where he attacked him.

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The candidate received a blow to the eye, given by the official deputy. Photo: Courtesy.

“We were at the Loma de Quyquyhó company police station, filing the complaint accompanying councilor Gerardo Correa, who was also a victim of the deputy, he broke the glass of his vehicle,” the pre-candidate began telling the council. During the presentation of the complaint, in the middle of the police station, Samaniego arrived with other people at the scene initiating a pitched battle with the complainants of the first incident, according to Valdez’s account.

After this episode, Valdez announced that this Monday he will file a complaint against the parliamentarian for the aggression suffered. “The deputy has three formal complaints of aggression, this will be the fourth because I am going to sue him in court tomorrow. I already have the medical diagnosis, “he said.

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“About ten vehicles arrived, led by the deputy also in his vehicle, they arrived at the police station and I took out my cell phone to film; When I started filming, the fight started and he came to attack me directly because I was filming, ”he said.



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