The nano-textured iMac is also incompatible with non-Apple cloths

Although this may upset the lucky owners of the new iMac 27 “ with a nano-textured screen (an option billed at € 625 on Apple’s latest all-in-one, and € 1,000 on the Pro Display XDR), you will need always stick with the official Apple cloth to clean the precious anti-glare screen.

The cloth supplied with the Pro Display XDR. Picture : iJustine.

Apple has just updated its technical sheet on the nano-textured glass (in English for the moment) to take into account the new range of iMac, without however changing its recommendations: it is necessary to continue to avoid the other rags, and in the worst case to help oneself to a 70% solution of isopropyl alcohol.

Fortunately, we can always wash the famous Apple cloth with water and dishwashing liquid and let it dry for 24 hours (we tremble with fear at the idea of ​​what would happen otherwise…). And in the worst case, it is still possible to get a replacement cloth from Apple for the modest sum of 9 euros. When we love, we don’t count.

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