The mystery of the Van and the harsh disciplinary action – Big Brother VIP

The mystery of the black envelope shown by the presenter at the beginning of the broadcast deepens. What will be inside?

Before revealing it, Alfonso says that, during the previous night, four VIPs – as well Edward, Tavassi, Nicole e Micol – they have behaved incorrectly and, precisely for this reason, a measure is coming for them.

Apparently the competitors decided to evade their microphones and disconnect the ambient microphone inside the Van and, thinking they would not be filmed, they indulged in unpleasant conversations and comments.

“Some of you broke the Big Brother rules” Alfonso comments and explains that while Micol and Tavassi have disconnected the ambient microphone, Edoardo and Nicole have reported information from outside to the House.

After what we have seen, the time has come for the competitors to find out what Big Brother has in store for them.

“From the images we saw tonight it is clear that some irregularities have been committed. The most serious is that of having tampered with a microphone of the House – that of the Van – thinking they would not be discovered. This evening Tavassi and Micol would have been the favorites of the House nominated by you – and therefore immune – but for these reasons their immunity is canceled and for them there is a very different consequence: Tavassi and Micol will go to televoting from the office. Edoardo and Nicole, for the reasons you have confessed, you too will go to televoting from the office”.

What will be the fate of the VIPs?

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