The Mystery of Cheap Gasoline and Diesel in Poland: Unexplained Prices Baffle Experts

The Mystery of Cheap Gasoline and Diesel in Poland: Unexplained Prices Baffle Experts

They have incredibly cheap gasoline in Poland. Experts cannot explain the prices.

Many Czechs are once again going to buy fuel in neighboring Poland, where prices are significantly lower. Customers pay six to seven crowns less per liter of gasoline or diesel compared to prices in the Czech Republic. The average price of gasoline in Poland is around six zlotys and 30 groszy, which translates to about 33 crowns. For diesel, the price per liter will drop below 33 crowns.

Many analysts cannot rationally explain cheap gasoline and diesel. While fuel prices are rising in European countries, including the Czech Republic, in Poland they have remained the same or even fallen. That is why many motorists manage to save around a hundred crowns for one refueling.

At the beginning of 2022, the Poles reduced the VAT on fuel, which caused many Czechs on the border to refuel at their northern neighbors. However, the Poles already returned the VAT to the original level many months ago, and analysts do not understand the current low prices.

According to the Polish media, the approaching October elections may also be behind this. According to Polish journalists, the current government is trying to convince citizens that prices have stabilized in the country. According to experts, such low prices will last until October 15, when parliamentary elections are held in Poland.

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2023-09-20 22:30:43
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