The Mysterious Death of an Interpol Wanted Man: Unraveling the Questions Surrounding Angel Hristov’s Demise

  • A doctor from a private hospital issued the death notice, from the health facility deny
  • According to unofficial sources, Hristov arrived from Dubai on Friday, hours before he died at his mansion in Resilovo. In the last days in the emirate, he felt unwell and went for a medical examination
  • The search for Plamen Galev continues, but for now in the region has no trace of it

The death of Angel Hristov, who, together with Plamen Galev, has been wanted by Interpol for 11 years, continues to raise many questions.

Where and how did he return to Bulgaria, when and how did he die, were there any attempts to bury him without much noise, who are the people who knew everything about the case but kept quiet and did not inform the police, was he extradited and from whom a false document about his death – these are some of the questions that continue to remain without a definitive answer for the third day.

What is clear so far is only that the deceased man is actually one of the so-called Galevi brothers, established with DNA expertise. On Monday, the results of the autopsy became clear.

The cause of his death was a blocked coronary artery, coroners found multiple thromboses. The time of death coincides with the statements of relatives that

he suddenly collapsed and died in his wife’s arms

In the late afternoon on Monday, a decree had to be issued by the prosecutor’s office to release the body from the Forensic Medicine and hand it over to the relatives for burial.

According to the OD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyustendil, on the afternoon of June 3, police officers in Dupnitsa received a signal that the 53-year-old man, declared an international wanted man with a red bulletin, had died in his home in the village of Resilovo.

They understand this hours after death occurs. Take immediate specialized action. They found that a death notice was issued by a doctor from the private hospital “St. Ivan Rilski 2003” in Dupnitsa, as well as a death certificate.

After questioning those involved in the case, it becomes clear that the body is in a hearse of a funeral agency, near the cemetery park. Around 1:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, the police requested an ambulance from the Emergency Service to take the body from the hearse and take it to the mortuary in Kyustendil, and then to the Metropolitan Forensic Medicine.

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The prosecutor’s office begins an investigation into the causes of death and whether the deceased is really Angel Hristov.

How the body ended up in the hearse in the middle of the night at the cemetery

it is not yet clear, but a death certificate has been issued by the employee Galina Palcheva, a specialist at GRAO in Dupnitsa.

The funeral agency brought me the person’s identity card and a death notice, on the basis of which a death certificate is issued. His ID card had expired in 2018.

The death notice was issued by the private hospital, but the person’s last name was wrong. Instead of Angel Hristov Hristov it was written Angel Hristov Angelov.

It was my duty to compare the names, the TIN and I found out

the discrepancy I returned the message to be corrected and hours later it was delivered to me corrected with signatures and stamps. The fact that his card is invalid is none of my business.

I don’t know Hristov and I didn’t know that this person was wanted. Later I remembered. We do not have a database so that we can know by name and social security number if someone is wantedsaid Galina Palcheva.

She confirmed that the death notice from the hospital was dated June 3 at 8 a.m. It was signed by Dr. Vasil Bachev, a gastroenterologist.

“Every medic has the right to issue a death notice, regardless of what specialty he has,” informed the insiders.

The document states that death occurred as a result of heart failure and a suspected massive myocardial infarction.

“There is no additional information available to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the national database, as well as on wanted persons,” the municipality of Dupnitsa specifies.

It is not within her powers, and there is no way for the employee to check every single death notification if it is genuine, since it has all the details – time of death, date, place, reason, name, surname, signature, stamp.

However, it is not clear whether when presenting an expired identity card, she should not have filed a report because, although not seized by the authorities, this document has expired. And maybe she did, because it is not clear where the police received the report about the deceased man.

Asked for comment, the director and owner of the hospital, Dr. Eni Lefterov, did not pick up the phone. A nurse conveyed his words succinctly to the media:

“Dr. Lefterov said that the death of Mr. Hristov was not established here”

All the documents were seized by the police and it says who the doctor is who issued the death notice in question.

It remains a mystery why, if Hristov really died in the mansion in the village of Resilovo, his wife did not seek emergency help, but another doctor. He did not write that he established the death in Hristov’s home, but in the hospital in Dupnitsa and whether the deceased was really admitted or transported to the hospital.

The assumptions are that the wife, Radmila Hristova, assumed that it was not good to call an ambulance at the address in Resilovo, because it would immediately become clear that the man is hiding here, even though Interpol is looking for him.

The funeral agency said that a relative of the deceased brought his identity card and death notice to them, and an employee took them to the municipality to issue a death certificate.

We have no way of knowing which person is wanted. Thousands of people may have passed through here looking for each other, how do I know? Saturday was Zadushnitsa, we were full of people. We do not have a database of wanted persons.

Relatives gave me the identity card and the death notice from the hospital and I took them to the municipal employee to issue the death certificatean employee of the mourning agency in Dupnitsa, who was involved in the organization of Angel Hristov’s funeral, said over the phone.

He did not deny that the last name of Hristov in the death notice issued by a doctor at the private hospital was indeed confused and had to be corrected.

However, he categorically refused to say where the body of the deceased was taken from – from Resilovo or from the hospital in Dupnitsa, so that it ended up in the hearse in front of their office next to the cemetery park.

The prosecution’s investigation and police investigations are ongoing.

Hristov’s wife, his children,

the employee in the municipality who issued the death certificate, people from the funeral agency, the doctor who drew up the death notice is expected to be called.

At the same time, the search for Plamen Galev continues because there are rumors that he has also returned to the country.

According to unofficial information, Hristov came from Dubai on Friday, hours before he died in the mansion in Resilovo.

It is said in Dupnica that in the last days in Dubai he began to feel unwell and went to a local doctor for an examination. It is possible that he realized that he had a serious health problem and therefore took the risk of returning to his family.

There have been reports of a flight from Dubai which has not been confirmed at this stage however, so it is important for us to establish when he entered, where he entered from, was he assistedInterior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev commented on Sunday.

There is an increased police presence in Dupnitsa and the area. Criminal investigators searched several homes where there were suspicions that Plamen Galev might be hiding.

His wife and children are known to be abroad, but the residence of his girlfriend has been checked. The phones of Angel Hristov’s relatives are also being checked in order to establish what conversations were held. So far, however, there is no sign of Galev.

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