The Must-Have Ikea Sofa Bed: ASKEBY

Ikea, the cheap sofa bed is snapped up –

Customers from all over the world are doing crazy things: the Ikea sofa bed is the deal not to be missed, comfort combined with savings

Il world of design has made great strides in recent years. A sector that has become widely popular and which finds an ever wider range of enthusiasts year after year. There are many who discover the art of decorating the house, a hobby that becomes more and more stimulating. An accomplice to this success is certainly the diffusion of the web, which has also allowed newbies to draw inspiration and follow trends, drawing on the infinite ideas that are offered daily.

Added to this, however, is also the expansion of the great design giants, which have made this type of article much more accessible even on an economic level. If once you had to go to your trusted furniture factory to buy top quality (and almost always handcrafted) products at exorbitant costs, now the situation has changed a lot. Thanks to companies now leader in the field of furniture such as Ikeadreams are within everyone’s reach.

The Scandinavian chain continues to be a staple, thanks to its incredible offer that varies before the eyes of consumers. Among the many products in the catalogue, which is periodically renewed according to the different collections, the most popular are always the ones that unite utility and convenience. One of these it is literally going to be snapped up.

The comfort of a bed in a design sofa: Ikea’s most loved product

Furnishing has in many cases become a real whim. In fact, home decoration enthusiasts often end up spending on design objects that are purely aesthetic. But even in the very rich inventory of products that a company like Ikea offers its customers, those that have a very specific function remain among the best sellers. How not to think about sofa bed?

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The possibility of sleeping in your own home an unexpected guest can always be presented. Whether it’s a planned stay for a distant relative, or an unforeseen task that requires an overnight stay, having an extra bed can be really handy. Naturally, the ideal would be to combine a modern and useful product with savings. A dream that can now be realized thanks to the Ikea sofa bed that has already become a must-have.

cheap ikea askeby sofa bed
The ASKEBY sofa bed by Ikea (Photo: Ikea official website) –

It’s about the model ASKEBY, a real jewel of performance and practicality. It looks like a compact sofa with a squared design, therefore absolutely current, with two large seats. Perfect to be placed in the living room as in the living room, or in any other area of ​​the house.

And if during the day it will be a very comfortable ally for watching TV in total relaxation, it will transform itself when needed in a double bed. With its 149 cm in width, it has in fact a seat folded on itself, which once opened will be positioned on the floor, transforming into a mattress 198 cm long by 110 wide.

Colors, customization and price of the Ikea ASKEBY

Many have already realized the potential of this enchanting sofa, which has established itself as one of the most loved by the faithful of the Swedish company. From his, also a versatility in appearance. Ikea’s ASKEBY comes in two variants, one more beautiful than the other. It is possible to choose between the dark gray color and the intense blueboth proposed in the fabric Knisa.

ikea askeby blue sofa bed
The ASKEBY sofa bed in blue version (Photo: Ikea official website) –

It is an easy-care polyester (with no possibility of removing the cover) that is very pleasant to the touch. But what is the cost of this unmissable design gem? Unbelievable but true, only 279 CHF, corresponding to around 287 euros. Of course, there is plenty of room for imagination: to embellish it there are many solutions at a very low price.

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Decorate your sofa bed with low cost cushions: the extra touch you need

When it comes to Ikea, there really are no limits to customization. If you love making every detail of your home unique, you can do it without spending too much. The ASKEBY sofa bed which will be ready to welcome guests for a few nights, can be enriched by the splendid choice of cushions that the Swedish company offers. Among the best sellers there is il LOVE GRASS. A square cushion measuring 40×40, which allows you to add an object of comfort or to vary with the nuances by adding a touch of colour. In 100% recycled polyester fabric, it is available in light blue, light beige, grey, pale pink, green and light green.

cuscino ikea LOVE GRASS economico casa
The KÄRLEKSGRÄS cushion, perfect to match (Screenshot Ikea official website) –

All options that can be perfectly combined with the sofa bed, as they are in neutral and delicate shades. And for the undecided, fear not. You can indulge in the whim of changing the cushions even in every season, since each one costs only 2,95 euro. For those who prefer i more vibrant and summery colors instead, all that remains is to take a look at the PARADISE BUSHES, a model that proposes beige, blue, yellow, red and green. Same dimensions for a fabric in recycled cotton fibers and polyester. All for the modest sum of 3.95 euros.

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