the musical soon to be adapted in New York

From next May, the New York public should discover the musical in an English version. The show is set to premiere on Broadway in November.

After having triumphed on the French boards in the early 2000s, the musical The ten Commandments conquers the American public. The show launched by Elie Chouraqui in October 2000 will begin performances next May in New York, in a redesigned version fully translated into English. The culmination of the dream of David Serero, a French expatriate in the United States, as reported The Parisian.

A first extract from these Ten Commandments, entitled Maximum Bread (translation of Maximum Penalty) was unveiled on YouTube. As for all the other songs, David Serero wanted to stick as much as possible to the original texts:

“The translation is faithful to the origin, details the producer. I do not change anything in this masterpiece. If I remove an element from the equation, I will no longer have a masterpiece”, declares he daily.

Early life fan

David Serero is a fan of the original musical, written by Lionel Florence and Patrice Guirao and set to music by Pascal Obispo, which he discovered when he was 19. He moved to the Big Apple a few years later to perform himself in musical shows, before converting to producing them.

“Each year in New York, I hire 150 artists, around fifty musicians and around thirty technicians”, he declares to the Parisian. “I produced about ten shows like Cyrano, Anne Frank.”

It was a Covid that was almost fatal to him, in March 2020, which decided him to set in motion the site of the show he dreams of putting on. He contacts Elie Chouraqui who agrees to write dialogues between the songs to better meet the expectations of the American public. “I looked for quality artists to embody a pop and lyrical American version, adding a few gospel phrases to it,” explains David Serero. Performances will kick off on May 5 in the auditorium of the Museum of Jewish History in New York, before arriving on Broadway.

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