The musical ‘A Any Day’ begins its national tour in Valencia

Saturdays, at 7 p.m. and Sundays, at 6 p.m.

GPS. The musical ‘An ordinary day (Ordinary days)’ will begin its 2021 national tour on March 6 at the Flumen Theater in Valencia (Gregorio Gea, 15). Until the 14th of that same month, the room will host this proposal, a “medicinal show that rediscovers the beauty of everyday life,” according to sources in the room.

The show is “a contemporary musical that tells us directly about our day to day life and how our actions affect the people around us,” explain those responsible for the theater.

The Valencian event is the beginning of a tour throughout the country that aims to stand up to the pandemic, and thus be able to bring a worldwide success show to theaters throughout Spain after two seasons of great success in Madrid. The musical has a cast made up of artists with extensive experience in musical theater in Spain, such as Lydia Fairén as she plays Claire; Oriol Burés, who plays Warren; Laura Enrech, who plays Deb, and Víctor Gómez, as Jason. They are the four young men whose lives intersect one day in New York.

The adaptation of the work is in charge of Marc Gómez, the direction is by Meritxel Duró and Ferran Guiu and the musical direction, by Gonzalo Fernández.

‘An Any Day’ premiered in London in 2008 and the following year made the leap to New York, consolidating Adam Gwon as one of the most prolific composers of the new generation of Musical Theater in NY, endorsed by various awards and works like ‘The boy detective fails’, ‘Cake off’ or ‘Cloudlands’. Since then, the work has been seen practically all over the world.


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