The Music Band returns to the auditorium stage under the baton of Mikel Emezabal

The Andoain Music Band returns to the stage of the Bastero Kulturgunea auditorium in a performance that, in the absence of San Juan festivities, will animate this Sunday day. After the performance offered on Friday afternoon by the txiki, gazte and adult choirs of the School of Music, directed by Katrin Iturralde, the band’s musicians take over today.

The concert they will offer at the cultural center is scheduled to begin at 12.30 pm. The Band will be conducted by Mikel Emezabal and will be accompanied by the pianists Myriam Ulanga and Imanol Iribarren, with the accordionist Ane Urbizu and with the clarinet by the director of the Band, Mikel Emezabal. There will also be a performance by the couple of dancers Bakartxo Arabaolaza and Joseba Pagola.

The repertoire that this musical group has prepared for this very special performance in which they have been working for months will include the pieces ‘Shalom’, by Ph. Sparke; ‘The barber of Seville’, by Rossini; ‘Donosti-Zarra’, by Gaztelumendi; ‘Katiuska (1st fantasy)’, composed by the musician Pablo Sorozabal; ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, by Webber; and finally, ‘Song of freedom’, by Jan de Haan.

Tickets are numbered and are for sale at the price of 2 euros.



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