the murderer is the same one who set fire to the cathedral of Nantes last summer

Still horror and dismay in France. Oliver Mayor, a 60-year-old priest, was found dead. Killed, according to a first confession, by a Rwandan whom he had welcomed into his community: a refugee accused of being the author of the fire of the cathedral of Nantes where he worked, thanks to the help of Father Maire. Another heinous crime against a clergyman, the one that upset the Vendée (a department of western France) which, according to the first conclusions of the investigators, has nothing to do with terrorism: to kill the provincial superior prelate of the Congregation of Montfortian Missionaries based in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre would be state, Emmanuel Abayisenga, which Father Maire had decided to welcome into the community.

Rwandan refugee

The alleged killer appeared shortly after the crime in the gendarmerie. Already under judicial control for the fire of the Nantes cathedral on 18 July 2020, Abayisenga (then 39 years old, 8 of which spent in France) had set fire to the religious building causing serious damage. At the time he was a volunteer of the diocese, appreciated and well-liked by the parish that had welcomed him thanks to the benevolence of Father Maire himself. In confessing that he was the author of the stake, he explained that he was exasperated because, unable to renew the expired visa, he feared being sent back to Rwanda. Justice has opened an investigation into “willful murder” and at present there does not seem to be “any motive linked to terrorist causes”. “The criminal was Catholic – specify sources close to the dossier – Far from Islamic terrorism”. Throughout the day, messages of condolence and dismay followed one another in France in shock and there was no lack of political controversy between the current administration of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen who accused the government: “In France you can be clandestine, set fire the cathedral of Nantes, never being expelled and becoming repeat offenders by murdering a priest: it is the complete failure of the state and of Gerald Darmanin ”, tweeted the leader of the Rassemblement National.

«What unworthy words! Instead of expressing compassion to the Catholics who welcomed this murderer, Mrs Le Pen argues without knowing the facts, ”the interior minister replied. «He wore generosity and love of neighbor right down to the features of his face. In the name of the nation, I pay homage to Father Olivier Maire. Affectionate thoughts to the monfortains and to all Catholics in France ”, the French president wrote on Twitter, adding that“ protecting those who believe is a priority ”.

The conference of bishops expressed “deep sadness” and their “fear”. The suspect was reportedly delivered in the middle of the morning at the gendarmerie of Mortagne-sur-Sèvre, giving the keys with which they then opened a door to the community and found the body of the priest. “He added to the gendarmes that they had to put him in prison,” said the deputy prosecutor, Le Goater. Abayisseng was arrested a year ago, as part of the investigation into the fire at the cathedral of Nantes and placed under judicial control within the religious community, with the obligation of residence and signature twice a month. Only two months ago Father Maire contacted the gendarmes, because the suspect wanted to leave the guarded residence. And for this reason a psychiatric hospitalization was started, which ended only about ten days ago.

Salvini: “Clandestino killed the priest who welcomed him”

«Rwandan clandestine, he set fire to the cathedral of #Nantes, today he killed the priest who had welcomed him. Shocking. The French authorities say that the killer could not be expelled because ‘under surveillance … A prayer and closeness to the Catholic community of the # Vendée ». Matteo Salvinio writes on Twitter.

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