The municipality will decide on the allocation of 244,000 euros to the Liepaja Theater

Today, the Chairman of Liepāja City Council Jānis Vilnītis (LRA) had a short meeting with the Minister of Culture Nauri Puntulis (NA), where they discussed the establishment of a working group that will evaluate how to organize the work of professional theaters in the regions in the long run.

Kļaviņa pointed out that the working group will also include representatives of local governments, but its composition and tasks will be determined by the Ministry of Culture (MoC).

Taking into account that the state will not provide financial support to compensate for the financial losses caused to the Liepāja Theater Covid-19, as the theater is a municipal capital company, Liepāja City Council has prepared amendments to the municipal budget for 2020, providing 200,000 euros to compensate for unspecified theater tickets, explained Klavina.

She added that the amount of tickets not initially sold to the theater reached 92,000 euros, but after a financially successful operation in September, the theater is ready to cover 48,000 euros from its revenues.

Amendments to this year’s budget of Liepaja city are planned to be approved at the council meeting, which will take place next week.

We have already reported that if Liepāja Theater does not receive financial support to eliminate the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, it may have to be suspended already in October. Liepāja Theater is a municipal capital company, therefore it did not receive financial support from the government to eliminate the consequences of the crisis caused by Covid-19.

In talks with the Ministry of Culture, Liepāja City Council and the theater repeatedly pointed out that the state cannot directly help the theater owned by the municipality, but indirectly funding could be obtained through the SCCF project competition, previously said Liepāja City Council Chairman Vilnītis. of these projects, the maximum possible funding would be up to € 30,000. Project evaluation will take place in September, so funding would already be available in the autumn.

In the negotiations between the Ministry of Culture and the municipality on the future of Liepāja Theater, discussions have also been started on the fact that the municipality would hand over the theater to the Ministry of Culture, as it was before the 2009 economic crisis in Latvia.

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