The multiplayer mode of Watch Dogs: Legion is still not coming this year

The planned multiplayer functionality of Watch Dogs: Legion will still not be rolled out on this side of the New Year. It announced Ubisoft this week.

Players must manage with the single player part until further notice. Image: Ubisoft

Via their websites explains the developer that there are still bugs in the game that prevent players from enjoying the experience to the fullest. Based on that, the team has decided to first and foremost clean up the problems, while new content is put on hold.

– Since the launch of Watch Dogs: Legion, there are some of you who are still experiencing technical issues, which prevent you from enjoying the game. The team is determined to fix these problems, and will not give up until everyone can experience the game as it was meant to be experienced, the developer writes.

Once it arrives, the multiplayer part of Watch Dogs: Legion will consist of several different modes, including collaborative play for two to four players and sessions where players compete against each other. All of this was originally supposed to be released during December, but is now coming in early 2021.

Watch Dogs: Legion dumped on PC and old consoles on October 29, and has since taken the trip to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. Here at the mill, we threw ourselves over the game, but review Gøran Solbakken found little to rejoice over.

– The driving is in the middle of the tree, the shooting feeling and the combat system is mediocre, the story is unoriginal and not very engaging. The voice acting is stiff, the music and soundtrack are anonymous and the only thing that is really close to impressive is the city itself, and the graphics on everything except the character design.

Ubisoft has also put other games on hold.
Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six Quarantine will arrive in April 2021 at the earliest »


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