The mother of the second victim spoke –

The number of women who accuse Pavel Trávníček (71) of sexual abuse is starting to grow. After Mrs. Věra, a woman who also wishes to remain anonymous also contacted the editorial staff. Her words are confirmed not only by her exponent, but also by her loving mother, who knew that her favorite actor had tried to abuse her then 20-year-old daughter, but only now did she learn that he should have succeeded. Why didn’t the girl contact the police then, and what did she tell Trávníček now?

She was twenty when she said she was Pavel Trávníček induce oral sex. This was to happen in the locker room during the filming of the music show DO-RE-MI. Instead of confiding in her loved ones, she remained silent for years. But at least part of her experience years ago, she confided in her then partner and beloved mother. And it was she who, after publishing her confession, forced her daughter to contact our newsroom. Although it has been seventeen years since Pavel Trávníček was supposed to sexually abuse a girl who just wanted to succeed in a singing show, her mother is still shaken by it.

Words crushed moms

“For those seventeen years, I lived in the belief that it was only a minor harassment. I was sick when I read the article, and then my daughter told me that the same thing had happened to her. I’ll tell you what, I fell off my chair. I want to cry now, ” says Ms. M.’s mother, who says she has an understanding for the silence of sexually abused women.

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“I understand the women and girls are not going out right away. One does not brag about such things. But I’m a little sorry that my daughter didn’t tell me the whole thing once. That she was really ashamed to say to her mother what had happened, ” says a woman who is said to be mainly trying to seek professional help from her daughter.

What would she do differently?

“I do not know what I would do. Maybe she pushed her to a psychologist. This is not a normal thing. I don’t know if I would cause a lawsuit with my master or not. But let me tell you, vulgar words are running through my head. It’s a normal pig. A guy who is a famous, handsome prince from a fairy tale that he could have ten women on every finger, and he needs to do such things? Tell me! Why does he need to force young girls and cause them psychological trauma?adds a woman who, after years, found out that her daughter was to be sexually abused in 2004 by Pavel Trávníček.

OVERVIEW: The case of Pavel Trávníček

The website was the first to draw attention to the case of alleged sexual abuse by Pavel Trávníček. Everything started with Mrs. Věra’s confession, which the actor was supposed to attack in the locker room and be sexually satisfied. The editorial staff verified the statement of Mrs. Věra with a number of people who independently confirmed that they knew the story, in some cases for many years. Mrs. Věra is behind the words and most of them are willing to testify in a possible court. Here is everything that has been published about the case and sexual abuse:

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Věra’s confession: He opened the lid, I was fifteen

Authentic record of the conversation with Věra: That’s how it happened, she said

The witness said: I have known about the whole case for many years

Ms. Věra’s psychotherapist: She also talked about predation

Lawn’s first statement: I don’t want to be another victim of Me Too

Věra’s response to the threat of the lawsuit: I will not be intimidated

Criminalist Luzar: It is common for women to remain silent for so long

Lawyer Slámová: What are the chances of punishing predators?

Experts: What to do so that victims of abuse are not afraid to talk

Politician Kocman: The definition of rape needs to be adjusted

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