the mother of an autistic girl in an absurd situation in front of National Education

While school should be a right for everyone in France, many children with disabilities cannot go there due to lack of specialized support. Anne, mother of an 8-year-old girl with autism, found an AESH herself and agreed to pay for it from her own funds. Yet, National Education hangs on.

Anne, mother of an 8-year-old girl with autism, finds herself at an incomprehensible impasse. Like many children with disabilities, the girl cannot go to school because there are not enough AESH (student escorts with disabilities).

He was due back in CP this year but hasn’t set foot on a course since September. “It puts me on edge. I didn’t decide to homeschool my son, it’s not a life plan I have,” Anne complains.

Aware of the shortage of AESH, he decided to take matters into his own hands. A partner has therefore been found, as well as an association that can sign a reception agreement with the school institution. Her mother even agrees to pay from her own funds.

1,300 AESH would be missing in Val-de-Marne

However, his request has been blocked at the rectorate of Val-de-Marne since the beginning of the school year. Facing the wall, he contacted the “RMC has committed to you” teams.

“I put in place everything that can facilitate the integration or inclusion of my child within the school. All I want is that someone is able to sign the paper for me, that’s all I ask”, yes annoys.

According to the parent collective of 94, 1,300 AESH would be missing in the Val-de-Marne alone. This job attracts little because it is only part-time and therefore badly paid: less than 900 euros a month.

Why, now that Anne has found an AESH herself, is the rector still blocking? It is incomprehensible to Stéphanie Valentini, president of the Cap Handi Cap association, which helps parents like Anne find private companions.

“I don’t understand why they are blocking”

“Given the shortage of AESH in National Education, it is fortunate that we are able to find people who are willing to work with our children. Sometimes we even ask National Education to hire these people because there are people who do not have the financial means to pay for the private sector. We bring human resources to them, so at some point I don’t understand why they are a hindrance,” he complains.

The situation is not unique. Currently about twenty families are waiting for their children to attend school with a private tutor.

Contacted by the ‘RMC commits to you’ teams, the academic management admitted that there had indeed been a number of problems with this dossier. She apologizes, she says she doesn’t know exactly what happened, but she says she fixed it.

The association should have a return from the management of the Academy by the end of December.

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