The Most Terrible Place in Space, Claimed to be a Planet of Hell

JOURNAL OF GARUT – Hell in the real world, maybe that’s what one would call it planet in this universe. Astronomers find planet from outer space it in 2004.

breadth outer space it is a mystery. Many scientists are vying to discover new things in the universe.

Planet hell this is an example. Scientists find if planet it has a surface condition like hell because it is filled with volcanic lava.

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The planet is named 55 Cancri E which is about 40 light years from Earth. The planet orbits close to its parent star which has characteristics like the sun.

Distance planet 55 Cancri E is less than 1.5 million miles to its star. This distance is closer than Mercury orbits to the sun.

Even though the temperature is hot, it turns out planet It has several similarities to Earth, including its atmosphere, as reported by the NASI Youtube channel.

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Atmosphere planet it contains water, nitrogen and even oxygen like the earth. Even though there are similarities, it doesn’t guarantee planet it becomes livable.

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