The most listened to reggaeton songs of the year 2020 on YouTube

With the arrival of COVID-19, the entertainment world had to pause many of its activities, so the plans of several artists were spoiled, despite that, reggaeton was the musical genre that took over YouTube.

As soon as the year ends, these are the most listened to reggaeton songs of 2020.

Hoy cobré – Bad Bunny & Snoop Dogg

This collaboration has become one of the most important reggaeton songs of this year 2020, and it is that just a few hours after its premiere, the song by Bad Bunny and Snoop Dogg was placed at the top of the list of the most listened to and so far has more than 29 million views.

TKN – Rosalía, Travis Scott

If we talk about novelty, of course Rosalía has to be present and more with her duet song with Travis Scott, the rapper and partner of the famous businesswoman Kylie Jenner, a song that so far has more than 168 million reproductions.

Safaera – Bad Bunny, Jowell y Randy, Ñengo Flow

One of the songs that marked this year 2020 was undoubtedly “Safaera” by Bad Bunny.

In this collaboration, classic reggaeton meets current sounds, with the voices of great geniuses of the urban genre, so the video already exceeds 253 million views.

I dog alone – Bad Bunny

Without a doubt, Bad Bunny is one of the masters of the urban genre and it is no surprise to anyone that more than one song by him is among the most listened to throughout the year.

With this song, he has generated a lot of social comment for his message of female empowerment around the dates of 8M, and for his questioning of the attitude of masculinity with which he is associated with reggaeton singers.

Hawaii – Maluma

And to close with a flourish it is no surprise that Maluma with “Hawai” is at number one as the most listened to this year.

“Hawai” was released in the summer and has been hyper listened to since then, as it is inspired by a love triangle that the Colombian lived alongside his ex-partner and Brazilian star Neymar Jr.

The song so far has more than 577 million views.



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