The most listened to bands on Spotify, how popular are they?

Digital platforms are a great measure of popularity for all artists, in addition to the fact that every time we listen to their songs or watch their videos, this also represents profits for them; The most listened to artists tend to attract the most attention, which K-Pop bands have the most listeners on Spotify?

The K-Pop dominates all over the world, idols are already recognized globally and there are many fans of this musical genre of South Korea in countries on all continents; and although the purchase of physical disks is also important and is still something that k-pop fans, also the reproductions in digital platforms count.

Spotify, iTunes, YouTube O Deezer, they are places where we can listen song from our South Korean artists favorites and every play counts, the popularity of our music bands favorites also gives them a certain reputation and status when working with trademarks; its statistics also help for its recognition, that is why the fandoms they never stop doing streaming.

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Do you know what the bands are most listened on Spotify? This could also tell us who the K-Pop groupings most popular all over the world.

Top 5 K-Pop Bands on Spotify

Surprise! ARMY he spends his time listening to BTS and idols have more and more listens on Spotify thanks to the popularity of their songs, the number of listens to Bangtan on Spotify per month is exactly 32,279,684.

Do you think ARMY is the biggest fandom?

The idols of BLACKPINK they are very talented and the listeners know it, BLINK not stop listening to BP on Spotify because they have almost 14 million of eavesdropping on the platform.

BLACKPINK and BLINK rule the world.

Other girl group highly acclaimed, popular and talented is TWICE, and is also one of the most listened to K-Pop groups on Spotify with 8,088,039 monthly listening; ONCE supports all the talent of their idol favs.

And more and more listeners are joining ONCE thanks to the talents of these incredible idols.

Tomorrow X Together has managed to outperform many other bands that have been in the K-Pop industry for longer: 0 TXT has 5.5 million of monthly listens on Spotify, that gives us a hint of how big their fandom is, MOA.

Every time TXT grows more, just like their idols and they still have much more talent with which to delight us.

EXO, with 10 years in the industry, is one of the longest-lived K-Pop bands but with many fans who support them because their carrera It is only the faithful sample of all the talent and passion of idols for music and they have 4.2 million monthly listens on Spotify.

EXO-L It always shows its power, a fandom with many members and a long time in K-Pop. There are many more bands with millions of listeners on Spotify, but these are the most listened to: 0.

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