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Adequate and patient. If the goal cannot be taken with one victorious throw, it will not climb into the hell, but will take a wait and see attitude. One-off sorties are not his method. His destiny is a systematic and progressive movement towards victory. Capricorn has very powerful internal resources – it can do everything, but never goes ahead. Prefers to observe, analyze and hit precisely at the target.

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Gambling ARIES

Charming and passionate. Faster, higher, stronger – the life slogan of the representative of this sign. It moves to its target at great speed, completely forgetting about the brake pedal. He gets involved in any competition, sometimes during the race forgetting about the semantic component. He lives to be the first. Impulsive and hot – this often overlaps common sense.

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Impressive LION

Imperious and talented. The powerful potential and excellent leadership qualities of the representative of this sign give him the opportunity to gather a huge number of people around him, who, thanks to Leo’s ability to wisely direct activity in the right direction, quickly move into the category of like-minded people and associates. He doesn’t go into his pocket for a word and behaves nobly in any dispute – with the KING’s one nightingale.

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Thoughtful SCORPIO

Workable and fussy. The representative of this sign is closed in itself. He likes to be the first and does not like to get into funny situations, therefore he is never in a hurry with conclusions. Before taking action, Scorpio will think over everything and consult with himself. Due to such a leisurely and thoughtful decisions, Scorpio rarely suffers from stressful situations.

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Decent and cheerful. The representative of this sign has a remarkable inner strength, which waits on unquenchable optimism. A noble superhero, dreaming of universal happiness, wins almost any battle thanks to responsibility, self-confidence, decency and power of internal potential. His kindness and generosity are constantly replenishing the ranks of supporters.

Resourceful AQUARIUS

Smart and persistent. It rushes towards the goal, sweeping away everything in its path. The goal is to run first, overcome all obstacles and loudly inform the world about it. For the Aquarius collectivist, it is important that as many people as possible run after him towards the goal, and it is precisely after him, that is, with him at the head. Then, having arrived, he will bathe in the applause of enthusiastic like-minded people. Resourcefulness is his key to victory.

Unbending Scales

Addicting and fickle. The representative of this sign, if he made a decision, then becomes very stubborn and unyielding, but … only for the time being. A distinctive feature of Libra is the desire to do everything at once. This habit leads to fatigue and, as a result, loss of interest in all matters at once. Scales do not know how to properly distribute internal energy resources.

Stubborn VIRGO

Moody and stubborn. Incredibly powerful sign, not able to use the inherent potential. The representative of this sign does not want to objectively assess the situation, and the reasons for this can be completely different. Not used to resisting life circumstances, it is easier for him to swim in the general stream. Quickly tanning, also quickly losing interest in what he is doing.

Dreamy FISH

Patient and dreamy. The representative of this sign stands firmly on the ground. He clearly knows what he wants from life, and tries to hedge himself on any issue, these qualities allow him to build a successful business. If in reality something is annoying, he can always go into his own world in order to maintain emotional balance. It easily tolerates difficulties and knows how to wait for the right moment.

Companionable TWINS

Confident and emotional. Everything is subject to him, if only he wants to, but to solve any problem he will have to make a lot of effort – primarily emotional. But if there are friends who will help, give practical advice, support, praise, and, if necessary, and calm down, they can turn the mountains. A company of like-minded people gives strength to move forward.

Harmonious Taurus

Stable and planned. The main thing that a representative of this sign needs is for nothing to change dramatically in life. Taurus is a great strategist, he knows what he wants, when he will achieve it and how much effort he will have to make. Striving for harmony and happiness, having reached a certain financial level, he will only maintain stability.


Fearless and stubborn. The representative of this sign is unusually hardy and, paradoxically, very sensitive, although this feature of his character stubbornly hides from the eyes of others. Able to set the highest goals, boldly go to their achievement and .. lose everything because of the very sensitivity, which, manifested in the form of a nervous breakdown or depression, destroys everything built to the ground.

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